May 20, 2024
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Hellmann Worldwide Logistics sets up new JV with ATS for Middle East road business foray

HellmannATS Road Solutions is road transport operator for Hellmann in UAE

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the Osnabrück, Germany-based global logistics service provider, and ATS, the Dubai, UAE-headquartered logistics company, have partnered to establish a joint venture named HellmannATS Road Solutions.

The JV will feature a technology-based range of B2B logistics solutions to meet global trade’s evolving needs, with a core focus on the Middle East region.

Exclusive UAE handling

Under the terms of the partnership, HellmannATS Road Solutions will exclusively handle all road transport operations for Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in the UAE market.

The JV capitalises on the decades of cross-border expertise of a leading global freight forwarder with the modern fleet capabilities of one of the largest land transport entities in the UAE.

Established in 1871, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics entered the Middle East theatre in 1999. It has since provided the commercially driven region with its air freight, sea freight, customs brokerages and contract logistics services.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a leading global logistics service provider. Image: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is a leading global logistics service provider. Image: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

The new HellmannATS Road Solutions JV now gives the German family-owned parent company the necessary bandwidth to expand its road logistics business globally, especially in the six hydrocarbon-rich GCC nations dominated by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, each with their economies that are increasingly diversifying from traditional oil-based economic growth.

600+ transport vehicles

Founded in 1991, ATS caters to the global shipping, logistics and marine Industries out of Dubai emirate, where it operates a fleet of 600+ heavy-duty transport vehicles for round-the-clock land operations across the Middle East region.

Mutasim Abuhmaidan – who has led and developed regional road freight departments with global and regional freight forwarders for two decades – heads HellmannATS Road Solutions.

HellmannATS Road Solutions aims to address the UAE’s somewhat disjointed FTL (full truckload freight) trucking sector by providing a worry-free end-to-end road transport service and enhancing supply chain services for the new JV’s UAE-based and global customers.

The new partnership hopes this will significantly increase its market share in the competitive Middle East road transport sector in the future. 

Customer satisfaction

Madhav Kurup, Regional CEO, IMEA at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, said: “As Hellmann, we are pursuing solutions in all product areas in the UAE and greater Middle East to support our customers with the most robust all-round solutions.

“In this context, establishing the joint venture with ATS is an essential milestone in expanding our regional road network.

“As globalisation continues to shape the future of international trade, the joint venture stands as an unwavering partner, delivering tailor-made solutions and revolutionising the way B2B logistics are managed,” Kurup added.

Strong bond

Amit Gandhi, CEO of ATS, added: “As two industry titans unite, the shared commitment of excellence and innovation shines through promising reliability, efficiency, and sustainability in the transportation of goods.

“This joint venture brings forth a dynamic force that not only streamlines supply chains but also paves the way for a brighter, more connected future,” said Gandhi.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics operates a global network of 241 offices in 173 countries with 14,000+ employees.

The Hellmann Group achieved a turnover of AED19.60 billion (€5 billion) in 2022.

ATS specialises in road, airfreight, sea freight, warehouse distribution, liquid terminal, transportation, and on-site logistics. It has an operational sphere extending from its Dubai HQ to hubs in Oman, Bahrain, India, Europe, and the continental United States.

Featured image: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics’ road transport operations in the UAE now come under HellmannATS Road Solutions. Image: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

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