February 25, 2024

The UAE has Successfully Delivered the First Green Hydrogen to Germany

The UAE has Successfully Delivered the First Green Hydrogen to Germany:

In the spirit of breaking records and setting the pace, the UAE has officially supplied the first hydrogen-concentrated ammonia to Germany. The substance is a low-carbon ammonia fuel renowned for its low flammability and is a potentially carbon-free source of energy and power. Both countries view the supply as the beginning of an excellent bilateral relationship.

Specifics of the Green Hydrogen Delivery

Traditionally used for the production of fertilizers, hydrogen ammonia has become a viable source of clean energy fuel, and the UAE is not about to let this opportunity pass it. After a series of research, the country has finally developed the green hydrogen fuel and formally delivered it to Germany.

The delivery landed in Hamburg, Germany, where a ceremony was hosted by the German government and graced by the presence of the UAE’s Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, Dr Sultan Al Jaber. Remarking on the agreement between the countries, the Minister emphasized that the UAE is prepared and committed to investment in projects relating to energy security, decarbonization and climate action as the UAE continues to provide other countries with low-carbon energy.

Talks between both countries for the delivery have long existed; earlier in the year, they signed a bilateral agreement to direct their efforts to strategic projects focusing on renewable energies, climate action and hydrogen. This agreement is also known as the Energy Security and Industry Accelerator, and it has birthed the recent bilateral trade in gas between both countries.

Under the agreement, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is to supply hydrogen stored in liquified ammonia to the German Company RWE AG. The delivery is the first of many to RWE AG and other German companies needing liquified gas. For now, the UAE has only supplied 13 metric tons of hydrogen in liquid ammonia to Germany. On its part, the latter plans to invest in infrastructure to aid fuel processing.

The Russian-Ukraine war largely influenced the development and delivery of fuel. Due to the war and sanctions from various international organizations, European countries require a fix regarding finding an alternative supply of natural gas, mainly imported from Russia. As such, hydrogen gas, a cleaner, less expensive option, could not have come at a better time.

Fortunately, using the fuel helps the UAE and Germany achieve their goals of reducing emissions to zero by 2030 and 2025, respectively. They want to completely replace coal and gas with clean hydrogen, especially for energy-demanding industries.


The future offers the UAE a lot, and we are here for it. The government has decided to make the best out of the shortage of traditional natural gas by looking into alternatives such as hydrogen gas. The Vice Chancellor of Germany, Robert Habeck, certainly treaded the lines of truth when he stated that the country has to pull forward to switch to hydrogen.

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